Lilyana Dvoryanova


Lilyana Orlinova Dvoryanova was born  on 13th of December, 1978 in Sofia.
She works in different fields in visual art – photography, digital art, print, conceptual art, painting, graphics, and  illustrations.
In 2002 she graduates with a Master’s Degree in the Philosophy from the Department of Aesthetics in Sofia. In 2004 she graduated with a Master's degree in Graphic Design from NBU.  She holds a Doctor’s Degree from Sofia University. From 1998 she is a member in “Art in Action” where she has participated in international projects, group exhibitions and  performances. In 2019 she becomes artist-in-residence at Etud Foundation.

Solo exhibitions:                                                   

2019 „Islands”  –  exhibition with paintings and graphics at Etude Gallery, Sofia
2019 „Islands”  –  exhibition  with graphics  at BlackC Art Gallery, Gainesville, Florida
2018 „Scenes from existing and non-existent stories” –  with paintings and graphics at Etude Gallery, Sofia 
2015 „Horeia”  – exhibition with digital prints in  BlackC Art Gallery, Gainesville, Florida
2010 “De-fine” – exhibition with digital prints  in the “Red House”, as part of the “BROD” Project 2008 „The Body’s Choreographies“– exhibition with digital prints  in the “Red House”, as part of the “Art in Weightlessness” Festival”
2007 “Sex:female” –  exhibition with digital prints in the CiBank Gallery 2002 ”Gestures” – first solo exhibition in the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Sofia  

Some of the group exhibitions are:  

2019 – exhibition  „Different“ -  with  print installation „In focus“ at gallery “Triangle tower” Regional History Museum – Sofia
2019 – 7 forum of small graphic forms,  at Art Alley Gallery, Sofia
2018  exhibition of  finalists  in  illustration  competition  BUCHSCHMUCK  at  Goethe-Institut   2015 – exhibition “25 Artists’ Art Alternatives” at Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia
2009 – Participation in projects and exhibitions: Masters Re-mastered in the Goethe-Institut part of  Sofia Design Week
2008 – Participation in an exhibition “Breakthrough in everyday life” at Gallery Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany, within the “BROD” project
2004 “The Body’s Biographies” – an exhibition with digital prints and video“The Dress: domestication”  at the “Sofia City  Gallery”, as part of the “Meeting Places” Project