Swimming pool


SWIMMING POOL is a non-profit art project space in Sofia focused on artist and curatorial research, collaborative approaches, experimental art education and art politics. It is located on a central rooftop with an empty pool built in the 1930's.
We organize exhibitions, performances, screenings, events and discussions to support Bulgarian art locally and abroad, while opening up the local context to international artists, curators and writers. Swimming Pool's aim is to create a space for joint thinking located on the periphery.
This year we start investigating one more field: art & education. Since the beginning we have always valued and sought to promote in-depth learning through public talks, publications and individual conversations. We started to experiment with more structural approaches so as to tap into the potential of non-institutionalized ways of learning. This autumn, we will also add art publishing to our ongoing investigations into how to expand the relevance of art practices we deem meaningful today.
Since the founding of SWIMMING POOL in 2014, Viktoria Draganova organizes its artistic program.


Stefania Batoeva

Balconia, 2015.



  • Photographer: Mihail Novakov

  • Description: Installation view “Balconia” with painting by Stefania Batoeva at Swimming Pool, Sofia, 2015. Photo: Mihail Novakov

Martin Penev

An Object of Concern, 2018.



  • Photographer: Yana Lozeva

  • Description: Installation view “Martin Penev: An Object of Concern” at Swimming Pool, Sofia, 2018.
  • Copyright: Photo: Yana Lozeva