TaM is a place for culture and social initiatives in Veliko Tarnovo. Launched in 2012, the space became an attractive stage for contemporary art and culture. TaM regularly presents upcoming and established artists from all over the world. The program includes activities promoting participation in urban social processes.

In 2021, TaM moved to the Varusha South neighborhood in the former Club of Cultural Figures building in Veliko Tarnovo. The team and community around TaM are committed to restoring the cultural functions and revitalizing the abandoned building, an architectural monument. Since 2022, TaM runs a small residence house where we accommmodate our guests or rent it to artists, travellers, and friends. 

In 2020, TaM initiated a discussion about the future of the abandoned building that once housed the former Club of Culture Figures (KDK) in Veliko Tarnovo. A united vision to restore its cultural functions in the contemporary art and social dialogue context brought together the TaM community, professionals in the cultural and creative sector, and local and state institutions.

TaM is a vibrant place inviting new and surrounding communities and has been a place recognised for its intiatives and contemporary art exhibitions. Since 2020 TaM intiated the joint initiative of the curator Martina Yordanova - 1m² Art. The project presents artists from the contemporary Bulgarian and international scene within a space of about 1 sq. m. Inspired by the concept of a “white cube”, the initiative enables young and established authors to show their works in a vitrine right next to the street creating a relation with the everyday passer-by.


Zlatina Teneva




  • Photographer: Simona Kashova

  • Description: Author and director: Zlatina Teneva
    Camera: Simona Kashova
    Editing and co-director: Daniela Dimitrova
    Graphics: Eliza Daneva
    Music: Omori


New Rituals, New Gods, 2023.



  • Photographer: Ivan Donchev

  • Description: New Rituals, New Gods part of e-valuation 3.0. Exhibition by DA LAB Foundation

Peter Chinovsky

John, which is not his real name, 2023.



  • Description: 1m²
    23.09 – 22.10.2023

Tsvetelina Maksimova

Message in a box, 2022.



  • Description: 1m²
    23.09. - 27.10.2022