Singer-Zahariev Foundation


The Singer-Zahariev foundation was established in 2021 by Kathrin Singer-Sachariewa and Kamen Zahariev  to support the organization of exhibitions, performances, workshops, artistic interventions in the public space, international and local exhibitions, publications, conferences, seminars, educational programs, lectures, etc. and supports financially similar activities of other organizations.

The foundation supports residencies for artists and curators in Bulgaria and abroad; assigns works of art for the development of its own collection and supports financially and organizationally the purchase of works for the benefit of public galleries and spaces.

The first activity of the foundation in 2021 was an open call to commission an art work on the theme of “History is in the Present” for the space of the Foundation in a rural location. The winner was Krassimira Butseva with her work “The Curtain”. 

In 2022 the foundation launched “SZ CONTACT” – a program of grants to promote the aims of the foundation which include support for Bulgarian contemporary art institutions, artists curators and producers across the spectrum of the visual arts. The main idea of the grant program is to provide simple and non-bureaucratic funding for projects and activities which support international collaboration and connect artists and international art professionals.