Alina Papazova


Alina Papazova is born in Sofia in 1993, where she is currently based. She is currently teaching Ceramic arts at the New Bulgarian university, where she graduated her BA in Fine arts (2018) and her MA in Ceramic art and porcelain (2020).

Her solo exhibitions include: "Imaginary room" at Cu29, Plovdiv (2019); "Ceramic topography of consciousness in the mountains", Gifted Sofia (2020); "Porn flakes", launching product and pop-up solo exhibition, One book store (2021); "Pathways to bliss", KO-OP Sofia (2022).

Among her group exhibition participations are: Festival of Contemporary Bulgarian Ceramics, Rayko Alexiev Gallery (2018-2019) where in 2018 she won an award for "Young Artist"; “Comfort Zone”, Art start, curatorial project of Vesela Nozharova, Stefka Tsaneva, Lars Nordby, Goethe-Institut Bulgarien (2020); "Illustrofest 2020" festival for contemporary illustration, Belgrade, Serbia (2020); "Borderline Situation: Drawing in Contemporary Art", curated by Yovo Panchev, UniArt Gallery of New Bulgarian University (2021); "1050 degrees Celsius", Ceramic arts NBU, curated by Monika Popova and Alina Papazova, San Stefano Gallery (2021); 2d+3d=1, Ceramic arts NBU, curated by Alina Papazova, Depoo Gallery (2021); FLUCA presents: The Zoo of Earthly Delights, group exhibition by Alina Papazova, Alexandra Georgieva and Rosie Eisor, curated by Valko Chobanov, Austrian Cultural Pavilion Fluca, Plovdiv (2021); FIG. 1.2 | 2.2, festival of illustration curated by Vasil Vladimirov and Teodor Genov, KO-OP Sofia (2021-2022)


Alina works in the field of ceramics and illustration, experimenting with many other visual art mediums. She incorporates mythological elements into her art, symbolically influenced by different cultures, transformed in a humorous way.  By placing herself and current social issues in the context of their world, which is diametrically opposed to modern life, she creates a process of incorporating some of their core teachings into her own culture.


Alina Papazova, Aleksandra Georgieva, Rosie Eisor

The Zoo of Earthly Delights, 2021.



  • Photographer: Vanesa Popova
  • Material: mixed media

  • Description: Group exhibition including Rosie Eisor, Aleksandra Georgieva and Alina Papazova
    Оpening of 2021’s season of Austrian cultural pavilion FLUCA, May 2021
    curator: Valko Chobanov
    In an oppressed natural world, everyday life brings the spitting of poison and the
    rebirth of butterflies and flowers, there are talks about the approaching time of
    Apocalypse. Wishing to escape the present-day "miasmas and boils" that have
    affected every aspect of our social lives, the artists provide a formula for
    transformation through the logic of mythology and psychoanalysis that involves
    animal and zoomorphic imagery trapped in a cage. Or is the cage a place of escape,
    or a metaphor for contemporary existence?
    The three authors have co-created an installation that merges the boundaries
    between synthetic and organic through the tools of illustration, painting, ceramics
    and textiles, with abundantly used styrofoam, acrylic and plastic, and wrapped in
    metal mesh. This environment is in fact the setting for a party just beginning, but a
    party involving genetically modified and mythologically created organisms.

Alina Papazova

Sugar-free, 2021.



  • Photographer: Mihail Novakov
  • Material: mixed media

  • Description: Group exhibition:
    KO-OP Sofia, Bulgaria
    Author: Alina Papazova