Open Arts Foundation

Open Arts Foundation was founded in Plovdiv in 2007 by Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi. It is one of the leading cultural organizations in Bulgaria, working for sustainable development and the creation of new models and practices to support the Bulgarian contemporary culture.

Open Arts Foundation’s projects and activities have a wide network of partnering organizations, widespread public recognition, numerous awards and many followers and are considered as one of the main factors for the development and activation of the contemporary cultural life in Plovdiv.

The foundation develops its projects in three main programs: Night of the Museums and Galleries, City and Culture and Educational program, with each program having its own short-term or long-term sub-projects.

The organization works with leading experts for the development of its projects.

Throughout the years and its various projects, the Foundation has established a broad partnership network that includes local and national institutions, Bulgarian and foreign non-governmental organizations, foreign cultural institutions in Bulgaria, hundreds of artists and artistic groups, as well as private sector partners.

Some of the projects are implemented in collaboration with SARIEV Contemporary and artnewscafe, organizations which are also founded by Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi in Plovdiv. The physical spaces of these organizations form a cultural center at the very end of Otets Paisiy Street in Plovdiv.