Natasha Noeva


Natasha Noeva was born in 1989 in Tutrakan, Bulgaria. She graduated "Art Studies" at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia - Bachelor and Master. From 2018 she is a PhD student at the Institute of Arts Studies, IAS. Professional directions: painting, sculpture, gallery as an institutional center of artistic life. She publishes articles for contemporary Bulgarian art in the issue of UBA; article by project to the catalog and exhibition "Eliezer Alchech and the Aesthetics of Disgrace", SCAG (2018); critical articles to a catalog under the project "Artists of the Ivan Vazov National Theater", Sofia City Art Gallery (2014), and articles in "Culture", "Literaturen newspaper", magazine. "Problems of art" and others. Since 2017 she realized the project "From project to object" (sculpture and painting), Berlin, Germany and she’s curator of the retrospective exhibition of Violeta Grivishka-Taneva in the gallery of Union of Bulgarian Artists, also she create Virtual Museum "Boris Denev and Slavka Deneva" and others. She lives and works in Sofia.