Credo Bonum Gallery&Foundation


The gallery was created in late 2003 by Tsvetelina Borislavova. Until 2008 it was a part of CIBANK and it bore the same name, setting an example for the possible symbiosis of financia and cultural institutions in Bulgaria.

With a substantial track record of over 100 exhibitions, in early 2011 the gallery set on a new path in its curational policy, this time as part of the Credo Bonum Foundation. The change brought additional criteria in the selection of events to be hosted as they had to be in synch with the priorities of the foundation.

The Credo Bonum uses the instruments of contemporary visual art to attract the attention of mass audiences to central themes and issues of contemporary life. The curational policy of the gallery is focused on projects with a strong social agenda, as well as those who make full use of art’s potential to provoke critical thinking. These exhibitions deal with themes like education, ecology, sustainable development, the preservation of cultural heritage and the exploration of the newest trends in the art of the new generation. The gallery presents projects initiated and organized by the Credo Bonum Foundation but also those organized in partnership with other institutions, curators and artists. In addition, the Credo Bonum Gallery hosts various events like book presentations, film screenings, discussions and other public events.

The Credo Bonum Foundation and Gallery have three year-round programs – first, the Contemporary Art Program that comprises more than 10 exhibitions per year, including the annual Art Start exhibition, the annuam Summer Exhibition, the Pavillion of Tomorrow, etc.

The Ecology and Sustainable Development Program includes the Plastic Paradise international exhibition, the Dragon’s Tale, etc., while the issue of history and memory is the central theme of the Cultural Heritage Program comprising projects like Early Christianity in the Rhodopi Mountain and the Banished Spririt of the Thracians. These programs form the basis for many other additional events organized by the gallery.  


Kalin Serapionov

Kalin Serapionov videoinstalation Choose Training, 2018.

Video installation


  • Photographer: Kalin Serapionov
  • Material: Three-channel video installation 4K and HD video, synchronization, stereo sound; 16'57'' (loop)

  • Property of: Kalin Serapionov
  • Description: Kalin Serapionov’s video installation Choose Training consists of three big synchronized projections. Each one shows real footage captured by the eye of the artist. Images of blinking neon ads and bright empty offices are interspersed with people skating on ice or training at the gym. All the images that take part in this grand narrative are organized by a sound background, created by Angel Simitchiev especially for this work. It serves to emphasize the artificial character of the environment and sets an overall rhythm to bring together the whole array of diverse images.

View to the works of Vesela Dancheva and Ivan Bogdanov

Pavilion of Tomorrow exhibition - general view, 2018.



  • Photographer: Radina Gancheva

  • Description: "Pavilion of Tomorrow" is event and exhibition on the occasion of 12 years Credo Bonum Foundation. With the participation of: Bozhidar Vassilev and Volen Milchev, Vesela Dancheva, Vito Valentinov, Georgi Gospodinov, Diana Ivanova, Eva Ventova, Ivan Bogdanov, Kalin Serapionov, Mike Campamp, Martha Djurina, Praz Lab - Vesela Mihaylova and Veronika Crane and Simeon Stoilov, Stanimir Genov.
    On the occasion of its 12 anniversary, the Credo Bonum Foundation will begin the big talk about the future and the time of a technological boom when communication and empathy between people will be put to test. At the special exhibition "The Pavilion of Tomorrow" at the Credo Bonum Gallery are presented the concepts of 13 contemporary Bulgarian artists, through different forms of art.

Destructive Creation

"Pelican" and general view from Plastic Paradise exhibition, 2017.



  • Photographer: Radina Gancheva
  • Material: ready made object

  • Property of: Credo Bonum Gallery
  • Description: PLASTIC PARADISE
    14.12.2017 – 9.01.2018
    Anne Percoco
    Yodogawa Technique
    Steve McPherson
    Destructive Creation
    Chris Jordan, САЩ
    Maria-Luisa Bakova and Alexandra Yotovska
  • Copyright: Credo Bonum Gallery, Radina Gancheva, and the artists

General view from the exhibition

Exhibition "Sculpture Now", 2018.



  • Photographer: Николай Маринов
  • Width: 0.00 mm    Height: mm    Depth: mm   

  • Property of: Credo Bonum Gallery
  • Description: General view from the exhibition Sculpture Now in Credo Bonum Gallery, with artists: Valentina Shara, 7+1 Sculpture Group, Dan Tenev, Kosyo Minchev, Nikolay Marinov, Pavlin Radevsky, Radoslav Ninov, Stefan Nikolaev and Tita Drenska. Curator: Vessela Nozharova
    Opening: Friday, October 5th, 18.30, closing: October 28th, 2018

General view from the exhibition

"Art Start. Young Artists to Watch in 2017", 2017.



  • Photographer: Stefania Georgieva

  • Description: "Art Start. Young Artists to Watch in 2017" is a contemporary project between Credo Bonum and Goethe-Institute, Bulgaria to present young contemporary artists from Bulgaria aged under 30. Martina Vacheva, Lyubomir Ignatov, Maria Nalbantova, Radostin Sedevchev, Radoil Serafimov and Martyna Tabakov participate in the exhibition at the Credo Bonum gallery.
    Curators: Vessela Nozharova, Daniela Radeva, Stefka Tsaneva