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Valio Tchenkov

Decoyed decoy, 2022.



  • Material: oil on canvas, lamb skin

  • Description: issue cover : Valio Tchenkov, “Decoyed decoy” in the solo exhibition “Soma”, Sarieva Gallery, 40 Otets Paisiy str., Plovdiv, November 11 – December 30.
  • Copyright: Sarieva Gallery


  ¬ Ten International Triennial of stage poster / solo show / National Gallery, Kvadrat 500, 1, 19th February St. / November 1 – December 18. The exhibition showcases some emblematic posters related not only to the history of the Triennial but also to the development of the discipline internationally. Visitors would be able to see works by Shigeo Fukuda, Ikkō Tanaka, Joao Machado, Paul Davis, Alain Le Quernec, Michel Bouvais, Lex Drewinski and many others.
¬ Lilyana Rousseva (1932 – 2009) / retrospective exhibition / National Gallery, Kvadrat 500, 1, 19th February St. / October 18 – February 12. Through landscapes, portraits, self-portraits, still lifes, figural compositions, and nudes, an attempt has been made to encompass the entire genre and thematic variety of Lilyana Rousseva’s paintings. Included are paintings and drawings from the inventory of the National Gallery, the Sofia City Art Gallery, the art galleries in Pleven, Gabrovo, Kyustendil, Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Lovech, Sliven, and Smolyan, from her heirs and from private collectors.
¬ Rumen Gasharov / retrospective exhibition / Sofia City Art Gallery, 1 Gen. Gurko st. / December 7 – February 12. The exhibition presents the work of Rumen Gasharov following the changes in his painting through the years – from the early works in which reality is already questioned to the well-known large-scale canvases. Gasharov’s work often sparks debates and contradictions – the author’s interest in kitsch, his taste for the grotesque, his attitude toward mass culture and “urban folklore”, the meaning of his works. The exhibition includes over 90 works.
¬ Charlotte Schmitz / La Puente / solo exhibition / Curator Nadezhda Pavlova / Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, 1 Budapesta St. / November 24 – January 13. La Puente is the largest brothel in southern Ecuador. It is located in Machala and employs over 150 women. The photographs are created in partnership with them - they choose how to pose and then paint on their Polaroids with nail polish. In the beginning, the function of the polish is to disguise their identity, but it quickly becomes a creative tool. In addition to Polaroid photographs and video documentation, the exhibition will also include the book of the same name, as well as the models' personal sheets, which they gave to Charlotte Schmitz. These personal items are the only possessions the women have in the rooms of La Puente.
¬ Marie Civikov / These In-Between Unearthly Worlds That Occupy My Being / solo show / Structura Gallery, 9 Kuzman Shapkarev str. / November 29 – December 31. In her current project she turns to her Indonesian-Dutch background. By researching letters, photographs and visiting the places of her ancestors, Marie Civikov builds a biography that is intertwined with world historical processes. At the heart of her explorations are the small and large stories written down by her grandmother of her upbringing as the child of an indigenous woman and a Westerner in colonized Indonesia in the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition includes paintings freely hanging in the space, which assemble the puzzle of a personal history, but also shed light on various world issues.
¬ Lars Nordby / Restaging Parallax / solo show / curator Snejana Krasteva / ICA-Sofia Gallery, 134, Vasil Levski Blvd. / November 17 – December 17. “The eponymous installation on view presents three performative works produced by the artist between 2016 and 2018. They are restaged at the ICA-Sofia Gallery space through various elements such as fake walls, insecticidal UV lights and the medium of theatricality itself. Using the latter to explore complex mechanisms of ideological constructs, Nordby often transforms daily objects into theatrical props to create situations while activating in the viewer a certain “parallax gaze”– an ability to immerse ourselves in the mind’s’ blind spots. This ability can, in turn, serve as a powerful tool for the beholder to enact (political) resistance.” - Snejana Krasteva
¬ Vasilena Gankovska / In the blind spot of the painting / solo show / curator Vladia Mihaylova / +359 Gallery, 13A Galichitza str. / November 22 – December 22. “At first glance, the paintings of the exhibition do not have a common theme; they do not work out a narrative or a thesis. They are visual fragments, abstract architectural compositions of colours and shapes reminiscent of familiar places, presented against the background of an open, context-free colour base. The individuality of these places does not matter, what matters is time, the impermanence of their habitation. Whether these are poker rooms, bungalows or other short-stay structures are secondary; the architectural environment is a transit zone, a metaphor for the inevitability of abandonment and loneliness.” - Vladia Mihaylova
¬ Zhelko Terziev / You Can Only See What You Have Inside You / solo exhibition / Charta Gallery, 12 Vrabcha St. / November 22 – December 11. “Facing a certain place and an image of that same place, the viewer can doubt the authenticity of both. Zhelko Terziev’s “You Can Only See What You Have Inside You” is based on that uncertainty in telling the two apart (as long as they exist) and shakes the reality of the employed process, the eyesight. The collected “observations” aren’t trying to reconstruct reality or create a whole, but bypass the structuring principle in a fragmentary net of almost, but not quite unriddled symbols.” - Hristo Kaloyanov
¬ 2022 / group pop-up show / Gallery "Little Bird Place", 7 "11-ti Avgust" Str. / December 7 - 12. Group pop-up exhibition of Bulgarian artists who participated in the Little Bird Place gallery program in 2022 - Nora Ampova, Kalina Hristova, Vasil Angelov, Lyuben Domozetski, Kaliya Kalacheva, Iglika Christova, Sasho Stoitzov, Alexander Lazarkov, Gergana Tabakova, Tekla Aleksieva, Dimitar Solakov, Peter Chinovsky, Vikenti Komitski, Anna Komitska, Antoaneta Quick, Nikolay Stefanov.  
¬ Gábor Máté / Inner sky / solo exhibition / Synthesis Gallery, 55 Vasil Levski bul., Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center, 16 Aksakov St. / November 3 – January 14.  The exhibition is presented in the two spaces of Synthesis Gallery and Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center. It traces the complex link between the personalities of parents and the characters of their children. If we accept that the future does indeed belong to the children, then it sits at stake in the hands of their parents. Does it matter whether a child has grown up with divorced parents, or in a family which has stayed together against all odds? What trace does the relationship between the parents leave on the child's soul? Gábor Máté uses the language of photography to seek answers to these questions, giving the children a voice.
¬ Petya Boyukova / Influence / solo exhibition / Gallery Gallery, Ploshtadka, “Elisaveta Bagriyana” str. / October 13 – February 28. Influence is an AR sculpture of a cat made of body parts of Barbie dolls that can now be seen at Ploshtadka, and Container VOX POPULI as part of the Object programme. Petya Boyukova is best known for her extraordinarily daring stage and costume designs in independent and alternative theatre.

 ¬ Highlights from the art world in 2022 / public discussion / Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, 1 Budapesta St. / December 7th, 6 pm. Curators and artists Maria Vassileva, Vera Mlechevska, Aksinia Pejcheva and Krassimir Terziev will discuss with Luchezar Boyadziev some of the major art events of the year. What art the curatorial dilemmas, artistic tendencies, themes, materials, questions related to gender, postcolonialism and global dynamics of the 59th Biennale of Venezia, documenta 15, Manifesta 14 and the Istanbul Biennale? The discussion will be held in Bulgarian.     
¬ Retrofitting Utopia (post)bgsocarch / public lectures / Bulgarian Postwar architecture Foundation, Credo Bonum Gallery, 2 Slavyanska str. / December 7th and December 14th 6pm. The last two lectures of the cycle focused on the Bulgarian Postwar architecture. The lectures are held in Bulgarian.

  ¬ Valio Tchenkov / solo exhibition / Sarieva Gallery, 40 Otets Paisiy str. / November 11 – December 30. The exhibition features a selection of the newest paintings by the painter, along with works from the 2017 – 2021 period. "Soma" is the daily dose of the substance, which Aldous Huxley described in his dystopic novel "Brave New World" as a drug, prescribed to each member of a happy and steady society. No one is supposed to be pensive, careworn or saddened in it. The spirits must be high and the public must be content and well-functioning. Every citizen carries their daily portion of “Soma” in their pockets and is always urged to consume it, if feeling wistful or worried.
¬ Studio NO\ON / Tróchia Collection [τροχιά] / solo show / artnewscafe, 38 Otets Paisiy str. / November 12 – December 12. In "Tróchia Collection [τροχιά]", the design duo Julian Mikov and Dimitar Vranchev focus the public's attention on natural processes. Their works are a contemplation on the vital functions of nature, blended harmoniously with the manifestations of modernity that manage to transform the object. For better control of the processes, the studio experiments with integrating aging or now forgotten craft techniques.
 ¬ Miroslav Dachev and Andrei Janev / Athos in drawings and photographs / joint show / Gallery of Fine Arts Plovdiv, Kapana Gallery, 29 Rayko Daskalov St. / December 2 - 23. The exhibition presents photographs and drawings created over two decades of regular trips to the monastic community of Mount Athos in Greece by Miroslav Dachev, professor in semiotics and Andrei Janev, artist.

 ¬ 30 years later / group exhibition / Varna City Gallery, 1 Lyuben Karavelov St. / November 30 – December 14. 30 years later retraces the three decades since the inauguration of the visual arts department in the one of the most prestigious schools of Varna named after the celebrated musician Dobri Hristov. The exhibition presents 339 works of current students in genres such as portrait, still-life, landscape, figural and abstract compositions, posters, digital compositions.  

¬ Sit / group exhibition / LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, Kosovo, Johan von Hahn 8, Garibaldi 1 / November 24 – December 24. “SIT” is an exhibition realized by the invitation of LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, which develops the concept of the curator Vesselina Sarieva about “The Carpet” as a meeting place in every art institution. The exhibition presents works of Bulgarian artists Pravdoliub Ivanov and Luchezar Boyadjiev in dialogue with the Kosovan artist Driton Selmani, panel discussion with the participants (on-the-carpet-talk) and documentation. The project aims to continue the rethinking of our ideas about art, its territories and artistic institutions. “The Carpet” is here again reincarnated as a critical weapon against the idea of the gallery as a white cube.  

¬ e-valuation 3.0: Open call for submissions / Da Lab Foundation / Deadline December 15. e-valuation is a platform for the development and support of Bulgarian artists working in the digital arts. The platform’s title is a reference to the different meanings of the notion of value. The open call is aimed toward Bulgarian artists and collectives demonstrating an open interest and experience with the digital arts. The submitted projects should offer an original interpretation of the forementioned title.  

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¬ cover : Valio Tchenkov, “Decoyed decoy” in the solo exhibition “Soma”, Sarieva Gallery, 40 Otets Paisiy str., Plovdiv, November 11 – December 30.

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