Bogdan Aleksandrov


Bogdan Aleksandrov is Bulgarian born artist active since 1990. He is a prolific artist known for his large format acrylic works which target the deeper complexities of the social and psychological experiences of modern life. His mode of working is concise, often beginning with the choice of a unifying theme or concept around which an entire painting cycle will occur.Through them he demonstrates his conviction that painting affects many levels simultaneously; if the initial idea is addressed to the intellect, it subsequently directs its development to visual and communicative levels. In his more recent works, he uses a technique he calls "visual noise" - tentatively described as a transition from material physics to metaphysical reality.

In 1989 he graduated Painting in the class of Prof. Nikolay Ruschukliev at the Faculty of Fine Arts, VTU. He defended his doctoral thesis in 2017 at the same university. He held numerous exhibitions, including: "Painting as a continuous script" (2022), National Gallery, Sofia; "Triads" (2021), City gallery "Boris Georgiev", Varna; "Pareidolia. Portraits in a staging" (2018), One gallery, Sofia; “Vertigo. Portraits without a diagnosis" (2018), Autumn exhibitions, Plovdiv; "Purgatorium" (2012), "Raiko Alexiev" gallery, Sofia; "Residual Image" (2006), painting, Narodni muzej Zajecar, Serbia.


Bogdan Aleksandrov

Christo with a jellyfish, 2022.



  • Material: oil on canvas
  • Width: 160.00 cm    Height: 200.00 cm    Depth: cm