Maximilian Pramatarov


Maximilian Pramatarov was born in 1979 in Sofia, Bulgaria, lives and works in Vienna, AT and Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2012 he completed an MA in Photograpy at the University for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria. In 2002 he received an МА degree in Theology at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Solo exhibitions: giselle - Ve.SCH, Vienna  Austria (2015), BOW / LOST - Startgalerie MUSA, Vienna, Austria (2014), Lost Tiger and ,improved’ works, 0gms gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria (2013); It's not the viewpoint, it's the view, 0gms gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2013), Three sharks (in love) edition photo, Vienna, Austria (2012). Selected group exhibitions: connected by, Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2018), A Sexist Exhibition ONE NIGHT STAND Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria  (2017), Road Registers, xhibit, Vienna, Austria (2016), Beton, Kunsthalle Wien (2016), Bulgarian Artists in Vienna, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (2013), Fashion!!! what a coincidence!, Foto K, Vienna, Austria (2013), Blue skie’d And clear, Carbon 12 gallery, Dubai, UAE (2010), Habitat, brick-5 – Vienna,  Austria (2005   His works are part of private and public collections among the collection of BKA, Collection of the city of Vienna, Collection of National Art Gallery a.o.


I’m not impressed with massive stuff; I like looking at small things. Details are quite important for me. I like ,,in-between” situations; I present the viewer with a situation but I don’t say what it is. I give a hint, indicate the hidden in everyday life. Just suggesting it, not putting it in your face. This is how I explore the world. The topics of my work are different measures of conflicts and confrontations, hidden in our ordinary everyday life.
- Maximilian Pramatarov