Vesselina Sarieva – project initiator and concept development

Vesselina Sarieva is born and based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since 2004 she has been working actively for the creation and sustainable development of models and practices for supporting Bulgarian contemporary culture and art. For this aim she has founded a three-way model consisting of contemporary art gallery - Sariev Contemporary, foundation - Open Arts Foundation, and cafe and community center - artnewscafe in Plovdiv. Today, Sarieva's activity extends beyond these physical spaces and she has projects in Plovdiv, Sofia as well as international which find a wide recognition and partnership network.
Галерия Sarieva
Фондация „Отворени изкуства“

Hristo Kaloyanov - curator / website editor

Hristo Kaloyanov is an independent curator. He has a Bachelor in Culture studeies at Sofia University. He has worked in the advertisment team at Theatre-Laboratory Sfumato. He writes theatre and art criticism.

Desislava Mileva - editor artnewscafe 

Desislava Mileva graduated in History of Art at the University of Burgundy, Dijon, specialized in Modern Art and then in Cultural Management at the University of Lyon 2 - Lumiere (France). She works for various French cultural institutions dealing with contemporary art. She is interested in all manifestations of art and its relationship with the public.

Vera Mlechevska – curator/ honorable editor in chief of web content

Vera Mlechevska is a guest curator of many group and solo exhibitions for various institutions and organizations. She graduated from the National Academy of Art, Sofia and Konstfack, Stockholm. Mlechevska is the curator of the educational platform "Introduction to Contemporary Art" by Open Arts Foundation. She is author of many texts on contemporary art. Guest lecturer at NATFA.

I-Creativ Studio - website desing and programming

I-Creativ Studio has over 11 years experience in web design and developing of over 300 web projects. A special place in their portfolio have projects related to art, culture and public activities, such as the web platform - Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 - , the web platform Tobacco City -, Union of Bulgarian Artists -